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MBWhatsApp APK is now available for changing your Android device’s interface to iOS. Install the most latest version of WhatsApp and experience the new interface on your device. It provides various customization options, including the ability to change themes, font styles, message scheduling, and more. We have detailed all of the intriguing features below, and you should take a look to discover all about them.


MB WhatsApp APK is a modified version created by Stephanie that has quickly received popularity among users due to its WhatsApp iOS 14 theme and improved user experience. Interestingly, Stephanie also created WhatsApp iPhone for Android, which has an introducing conversation screen for communicating with friends and colleagues.

MBWhatsApp APK improves your communication experience in real life. It covers a variety of friendly communication worries that can be used while interacting with friends, family, or loved ones. Also, this application offers many customization options, including a variety of visually appealing and precise issues and features.

Features of MB WhatsApp

iOS Themes

This MBWA’s primary focus is to provide Android users with an iOS experience. Themes are available in both dark and light versions. However, it does support some third-party themes.


The current versions of MBWA iOS and Fouad iOS include the same Anti-Ban features as the Fouad Mods. To improve security, always update your app.

Dual Accounts

MBWA has the package name com.mbwa. So, you can install it as a separate app from the original WhatsApp or Fouad iOS.

Auto Reply

You can add prepared text in this Auto Reply box, and it will be sent to the contacts/groups you select. You can personalize it a lot, such as sending it to certain connections.

Hide Chats

To access the Hide Chat option, simply long-press the chat and tap the 3-dots menu. Simply select the PIN/Pattern/Fingerprint option. Tap on Chats to access these conversations.

Notify Preferences

You will receive notifications when someone is online, typing messages for you, reading messages you sent, viewing your status, or changing your profile picture. You can also change these settings.

Sticker Manager

Most sticker apps do not work with WAMODS. This is why Stefano YG created a separate application for users like us that can be downloaded from the MB settings.

Message Scheduler

You can schedule messages for your contacts. So it will send the message at the time and date you set. The option allows you to send the same message to many contacts.

Aeroplane Mode

MBWhatsApp includes its own Aeroplane mode, which disables the App’s internet connection. This allows you to conduct other things without revealing your internet presence to your friends or family.

Hide Media

Hide your media from the Gallery, including photos, GIFs, audio, and video. It disables media from being seen in your default gallery application.


Manual backup is important in MBWhatApp because it does not support Google Drive. Additionally, it provides automatic backups every day.


MB Mods provides extremely well timely updates. You will receive the most latest update for each of our apps within a week of Fouad Mods releasing their WAMODS.

Privacy of MBWhatsApp

Anti-View Once

MBWhatsApp allows you to see messages that were intended to be seen only once. A helpful function for thoroughly checking the content.

Anti-Delete Status

You can view others deleted statuses. This option is active by default. When you think you no longer require it, you can turn it off.

Anti-Delete Messages

The sender can not remove messages that have been delivered to you. So, you will understand the truth.

Freeze Last Seen

MBWA freezes your last seen. So, even if you start using WhatsApp after that, your contact will be unaware. This feature’s main purpose is to allow you to hide your last seen time/date.

Hide view status

The Hide View Status option allows you to view your friends’ and contacts’ statuses in secret. So they won’t be aware that you viewed their status.

Hide Second Tick

You can enable this option for your contacts, groups, and broadcasts. When you enable it, the other person will not know you received their message. We do not recommend this option because it causes delays in your messages.

Hide Blue Ticks

You can enable this option for your contacts, groups, and broadcasts. So, after you allow it, the other person will not be aware that you have viewed their message.

Disable Forward Tag

When you enable this option, the Forward tag in the messages you Forwarded will not be sent to the receiver.

Hide Typing/Recording…

You can enable this option for your contacts and groups. Your contact will not realize if you are typing or recording a message. It’ll be a surprise.

Comparison Between Original WhatsApp and MB WhatsApp

FeaturesWhatsApp OfficialMB WhatsApp
Document Sharing at once ✅
Hide Online Status ✅
Media SharingMax. 15 MBMax. 1GB
Status Character LengthUpto 139Upto 255
Customised ThemeNormal WhatsAppiOS theme
Disable Forward Tag ✅
Play Store Availability ❌
Security Lock ✅
Status Download ✅
Privacy OptionsLessMore

Download MBWhatsApp APK Official Latest Version

This upgraded version has fewer requirements to download. You must enable the Unknown Sources option in your Android device’s Settings. This will enable you to download all files from third-party sources. Also, you’ll need Android 4.1 or higher to download it. Using a strong internet connection will allow you to download it faster. Complete these requirements and click the download button.

Size87 MB
DeveloperStefano YG
Updated on1 day ago

How to Install MB WhatsApp APK on Android?

The installation steps below are for users who want to use MBWhatsApp as a secondary account. If you want to use it as your primary account and need a migration guide (transfer data from official WhatsApp to MB WhatsApp), please follow the instructions provided in our full guide.

Step 1: Download the latest official MB WhatsApp iOS APK from this website. [MBWA.me]

Step 2: Using any file manager, navigate to the downloaded APK file and tap it.

Step 3: If you’re new to APK installation, you’ll be asked to activate the unknown sources option. Just turn it on.

Step 4: If you enabled unknown sources, tap the APK file again.

Step 5: Tap the Install button.

Step 6: Open it and enter your mobile number to receive an OTP. Log into your MBWA account.


What is MB WhatsApp?

MBWhatsApp iOS is a popular WhatsApp Mod that provides users with a free iOS experience on their Android phones. It has the com.mbwa package name and is designed for operating two accounts on the same Android smartphone using the Fouad iOS app.

Is MBWhatsApp safe to use?

Yes. MBWhatsApp is safe to use. Stefano YG, the developer is a well-known person, and the platform is based on Fouad WhatsApp. Yousef Al-Basha (YoWa) is also a member of the project’s development team.

Can I use multiple accounts on MBWhatsApp?

Yes, you can use two accounts for both personal and business purposes at the same time.

How to update MBWhatsApp?

First, download the latest APK file from this website and replace the old MB WhatsApp.


Regular updates are released to enhance the platform’s performance. Whenever you receive an update notification, install it immediately. If you want full control over your message, chat privacy, and other adjustable features, download and install MBWhatsApp on your Android device.

This will allow you to use the most advanced version of online messaging, which includes special options and settings. After using MBWhatsApp, you may be surprised at how easy it is to use on your mobile.